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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning: Say Goodbye to Grease!

A kitchen is called the heart of your home. It is the place where you make delicious meals for your loved ones and make beautiful memories. The most common problem faced by everyone while cleaning the kitchen is grease. With time the kitchen exhaust system becomes a magnet for grease. It causes serious life problems like fire hazards and health concerns. That’s why regular maintenance and cleaning of kitchen exhausts is important. 

In this blog, you will be guided about the importance of exhaust cleaning. What are the causes of grease? How to clean and keep your kitchen exhaust clean. 

Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning important? 

Fire safety: 

Grease in your kitchen exhaust system increases the risk of fire. Grease is highly flammable and the fire can spread rapidly. It can cause a lot of damage. 

Air quality: 

Greasy exhausts can make the air quality bad. Greasy exhausts carry foul odour and grease. It creates an unhealthy cooking environment and health issues. 

What are the causes of grease in the kitchen? 

Cooking food contains a lot of fats and oils. 

  • Lack of proper ventilation 
  • Burning food 
  • Frequent cooking 
  • Not cleaning the kitchen regularly 
  • Lack of grease filters 

How to clean kitchen exhausts 

There are different cleaning methods for kitchen exhaust cleaning. It depends on different factors like the level of grease buildup and your needs. 

Manual cleaning 

Start with hand scrubbing. Use a scrubbing brush or pad and remove grease and dirt from ducts and exhaust fans. 

You can also use a scraper to remove the stubborn grease from exhausts. 

Then use a cloth or sponge soaked in a degreased solution. It will wipe down all the grease from the surface. 

Hot water pressure cleaning 

In this method, we use hot pressurized water to clean the grease. We also use a cleaning solution to remove grease buildup. 

Chemical cleaning 

There are many chemicals in the market that clean kitchen exhausts. These chemicals break down the grease which makes it easy to remove grease from the surface. 

Steam cleaning 

Steam cleaning uses steam to clean grease from the surface. In this method, high-temperature steam is used to break down all the grease particles. It is a very effective method to remove grease from the surface. 

Using machines for cleaning 

You can also use a Rotary brush to remove grease. It mechanically scrubs and removes the grease from the surface. 


Another method for removing grease from the surface is Soaking the filters. You can soak filters in a degreased solution to clean grease. This solution works by breaking the grease particles which make it easy to remove. After soaking you can clean with a cloth or you can use a scrub. 

Professional cleaning 

The above-mentioned methods were for home kitchens and the kitchens having a low to normal grease buildup. For commercial kitchens and heavy grease build-up, you should hire a professional. 

Many companies like P Bear Maintenance are offering kitchen exhaust cleaning services. They have a team of professionals who will clean your kitchen exhausts like a pro. These experts use different methods for cleaning. They also have advanced equipment and machinery. It includes pressure washing, chemical cleaning, and mechanical cleaning. 

How to keep your kitchen exhausts grease-free? 

Kitchen Maintenance: 

You should build a routine of regular maintenance and cleaning of exhausts. It will reduce the grease buildup. It will save you from any damage and make a healthy and clean environment. 

Also, make sure about your safety while performing kitchen exhaust cleaning. 


The kitchen is an important part of your home and restaurants so make sure it is clean and well maintained. There are many methods which you can use to clean the grease from your kitchen exhausts. Also deep clean your exhausts by a professional every year. Follow a schedule to clean your kitchen exhausts to prevent grease buildup. A clean and healthy environment makes life happy and healthy. 


Q: Why is it important to clean your kitchen exhaust system? 

A: Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system is very important. It prevents fire hazards. Improves air quality and enhances efficiency. It makes a clean and safe environment. 

A: How often should the kitchen exhaust system be cleaned? 

Q: It depends on the condition and usage of your kitchen. Home kitchens should be professionally cleaned after one year. For commercial kitchens, you should professionally clean them after every two months. 

A: How can I identify that my kitchen exhaust system needs cleaning? 

Q: These are some signs like visible grease buildup, bad odour and noisy exhaust fans. If you notice any of the mentioned signs then it's time to clean your exhausts.

A: What are the safety precautions that should be considered when cleaning the kitchen exhaust system? 

Q: Your safety should be your priority. Always wear gloves when using any harsh degreaser chemicals. Turn off the power of exhaust fans while cleaning. 

A: What are the costs of professional kitchen exhaust cleaning services? 

Q: The cost depends on the level of grease buildup. The location and size of the system. Choose a certified professional team like P Bear Maintenance. They will provide the best services and will not be heavy on your pocket. 

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